Our Service for Clinics

General Information

Our pathologists possess many years of experience working in leading positions at the pathological institutes of a clinic focussed on oncology.  
For many years, they have been familiar with conducting clinico-pathological and tumour conferences as well as academic student training courses.   
All tumour preparations are carried out by a pathologist to clarify tumour proliferation (T), lymph node status (N) and radicality (R).
A digital documentation is conducted and the images are placed at the disposal of the attending physicians.
In addition, the histological findings are discussed by two, independent pathologists at an internal tumour conference.
In the case of complex findings, a third, consulting pathologist is called in to act as referee in reaching a consensual assessment.  

Special Information

  • Histological and adjuvant, immune histological examinations of biopsies and operation preparations for departments of all specialist branches.  
  • Intra-operative rapid section examinations for departments of all specialist branches.
  • Cytological and adjuvant immune cytological examinations of fine needle aspirations, effusions, urine, sputum samples, etc.
  • Macrodiagnosis of tumour-positive operation preparations according to the state-of-the-art of the TNM and the WHO. Photo Documentation
  • The execution of autopsies in the framework of quality assurance.  
  • The organisation of clinico-pathological conferences and tumour conferences.
  • Pathology training courses for students and assistant medical personnel.

The processing of all samples should be carried out at our institute, because quality assurance is guaranteed by our accreditation.