Our service for medical practices, out-patient surgery centres and medical care centres

General, Preliminary Remarks

After many years working at a pathological institute clinic focussed on oncology, and many years in their own practice, our pathologists possess comprehensive experience in dealing with tumours from all specialist branches.   

Special Information

Histological Examinations
Biopsies and operation preparations from medical practices, out-patient surgery centres, and medical care centres of all specialist branches. 
Cytological Examinations
Portio smears in the framework of cancer screening, as well as extra-gynaecological cytology, e.g. fine needle aspiration, effusion, urine, and sputum cytology, among others.
Immune Histochemical Diagnostics
The examination of paraffin sections and cytological smears for the characterization of malignancies, e.g. the detection of tumour and proliferation markers, cytoskelletal proteins, hormone receptors, oncoproteins, among others. 
Legal Basis: License issued by the Regional Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KV) Berlin to Dr. Mona Tawfik or private medical practice.