Our Immune Histochemistry

General Information

The fluorescent antibody method developed by COONS in the 40s of the last century is the basis for modern immune histochemistry applied to paraffin sections.
We are equipped with a computer-controlled, automatic Immune Staining Device of the latest generation, which performs, with high quality and reproducibility, the complex steps of this examination from antigen demasking to antibody incubation through to the histochemical detection of bound antibodies.   
Quality control is carried out on control sample sections as well as by participation in inter-laboratory comparisons run by our professional association.    

Special Information

Mamma Carcinomas: The antibody staining machine and the detection systems for the hormone receptors ER (SP1) and PR (1E2), of the proliferation marker Ki 67 (30-9) and the HER-2/new oncogene (4B5) used by us have been licensed for medical diagnostic use by the US health authority FDA.
Prostate Carcinomas: For the detection of small, well-differentiated PCA, Keratin HMW ß34, for the basal cell layer, and the tumour marker Alpha-methyl-CoA Racemase-P504 for a-typical gland epithels have proven themselves.
Other Tumours: We have at our disposal a tested panel of antibodies for tumour markers.  This panel is constantly updated.