Our Histology

General Preliminary Remarks

Histopathological diagnosis since VIRCHOW has been based on microscopic examinations of formalin-fixed tissue samples after embedding in paraffin and staining the hippocampal slice preparations with haematoxylin-eosin.

In the case of complex tissue changes, e.g. tumours, special staining is required.

For an inter-operative, immediate diagnosis using the rapid section technique, hippocampal slices are prepared from non-fixed tissue samples after freezing to minus 20oC in the cryostat.

Special Information

This institute has at its disposal the personnel and equipment required for efficient histological diagnosis.

Senders receive mailing containers with buffered formalin for dispatching samples, in view of the immune histochemistry, as well as examination order forms and envelopes complete with postage stamps.  Samples are dispatched by post or by our courier service.

Findings are conveyed either by post, fax or e-mail with guaranteed security in respect of data protection.